Lost Manuscripts and Vomit Pots

It has been a busy, and very stressful, weekend for Old Josh.

On Friday I nearly had a heart attack when I realized that I had accidentally deleted my only copy of the edited version of Book Three of the Shores of the Dead Series. Yes I know I am usually extremely anal about making multiple copies of everything but for some reason when I received the finished file last fall all I did was download it to my documents and then give it a read through. I never uploaded it to cloud storage and I never placed it on any external storage device. Then I deleted the email containing the file instead of saving it. That would be alright except about a month ago I did a massive purge of unneeded stuff on my computer … and the file was tossed out with the crap.

Yes … sometimes I am a complete dumbass.

In desperation I emailed my editor in hopes that she retained a copy. Needless to say since I have not killed myself or gone into seclusion on some far mountain peak that Marla had a copy and saved the fucking day. That woman is professional, organized, and efficient.

I left work on Friday feeling giddy with relief.

When I arrived home it was to find the baby sick and miserable. She was congested and had a slight fever and she was sleeping fitfully. We were woken at about three in the morning to her crying for mama and we brought her into bed with us, something we had not done in a very long time.

She woke up crying about forty minutes later and puked her way down the hall to the bathroom. She actually held most of it in and made it to toilet. She spent all day Saturday carrying around a little stainless steel pot to vomit in just in case but we never had another incident. But she was still miserable. She slept with us again on Saturday and in Sunday she was still feeling punky but she was a hundred times better.

Daddy on the other hand was not.

Friends and admires I spent all of Sunday night into the wee hours of Monday morning puking my proverbial guts out. I was miserable and you would think that all of the puke would mean I got a paid day off from work (which means they charge my accumulated personal time) to relax in. But alas this for me was a 12 hour bug and when it was time for me to make way to the acid mines I was feeling relatively decent.

Now for a bit of news on the publishing front, it looks like I will some relatively high profile advertising lined up in April. Not sure I should say too much about it but needless to say I am a bit nervous and excited.

That’s it for today my Survivors and Victims, remember to make sure they are dead and shoot them in the head.


Josh Hilden

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