Be Sure You Want to Know

Earlier today I posted a graphic on Facebook instructing people on how they can best help their favorite indie authors on Amazon. The gist of the graphic was these six easy steps.


I thought, and still think, that it is a pretty cool graphic.

Then a friend asked the hypothetical question, “What if I don’t like the book?”

That made me scratch my head for a second and then I told him that if it’s one of my books I would prefer he not negatively review it but if he did I would hope that he would be fair. I have received more than a few negative reviews but I respect the ones that are fair and constructive as opposed to the …


… type.

Reviews help, reviews make me happy, reviews are the Crack of my writing world. But in the immortal words of the amazing Will Wheaton, fuck you I love him, “Don’t be a Dick.”


Josh Hilden

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