Have I Abandoned Ship?


Have I Abandoned Ship?

So until last week I was going gangbusters on the revisions to book one of the Shores of the Dead Series. I was also balancing the other irons I had in the professional and personal blast furnaces. I was feeling like a fucking rock star!

Then reality smashed me in the back of the head, stole my wallet, touched me in my “no-no” places, and left me naked and confused behind the local Dairy Queen.

About six weeks or so ago my mother in law was hospitalized and had emergency surgery. She is OK now and is in a rehab facility working on getting better so she can go home in a few more weeks. But to say things have been difficult on the home front with mom sick, us being down one car since December, and having to arrange other child care options (mom is our primary sitter) would be an understatement. In that time I have signed with a publisher for my series of novels and have been working with my new editor Trevor (who is awesome) on revisions. My wife has been working ungodly hours and my middle daughter started her first job.

Last weekend I hit the fucking wall.

I have spent most of this week in a creative log jam. I have picked away at a few things but for the most part I have been recharging my batteries and fiddling with things that don’t matter. As it stands right now I have several things I NEED to concentrate on.

  • Revisions of Book 1 of the Shores of the Dead Series
  • Making some serious progress on my RPG project
  • Short story for the RPG Lesbian Ninja Vampire Cheerleaders with Chainsaws
  • This week’s Free Story Friday Offering
  • Get with my new potential proofreader
  • Get with the cover artist on the Shores of the Dead Anthology

So yeah, there are lots to do!



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