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Hello my Minions!

This week has been a challenge on so many fronts. For the first time in months I have not been able to produce a piece of work for Free Story Friday (FSF) ( and that has left me feeling a little deflated. On the other hand I am half way done with the final edits on the revised manuscript for the Shores of the Dead Book 2: The Journey.

So I would say I completed more than I left lying on the field.

Now for the bad news, I have ended my relationship with J Ellington Ashton Press (JEA). All rights to the Shores of the dead series have reverted back to me and I am moving forward with revisions and reissuing on my own. These things happen and I bare no ill will toward them. They are a fantastic group of writers and a great group of people. We simply came to the conclusion that my style and theirs was not totally compatible. I wish them nothing but the best for the future and you never know you may one day see a Josh Hilden book released under their imprint.

Moving on.

Gorillas with Scissors Press (GWS Press) is and always will be my baby and I am more dedicated to than ever. Next week Free Story Friday will continue and I am working on the first FSF anthology for a fall release.  I have launched the Josh Hilden/GWS Press mailing list this week. If you are reading this on the list Welcome! Copy and follow the link below to join the list and get special offers and early notifications exclusive only to the list.

I have also been working on the treatment and series bible for “Welcome to West Lake” my new serial that will be releasing this winter. Work is continuing on the zombie serial “Summer Camp of the Dead” and it looks like there will be no problem with the fall released schedule. The cover art for Summer Camp is being worked one by Melanie Heins and knowing her style I am excited to see what she comes up with.


I have quietly been releasing my autobiographical blog series “A Cautious Descent into Respectability” every Monday and part 5 will be coming out on July 1st. They are $0.99 for each part but they are free for the first week of release.

 As of tomorrow the revised edition of “Shores of the Dead Book 1: The Rising” will be up in the Kindle store and will also be available in print sometime next week.

Alright that’s it, I have things to do and you are probably tired of reading my crap.


- Josh

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