“Hypocrisy & Me”



            I hate hypocrisy!

            I know bold statement and maybe I should consider the shit in my woodshed before I make it. So let me state for the record and unequivocally so there is no confusion.


“I am a complete asshole who is guilty of many of the things I hate, but I fucking admit it!”


            I have said, thought, and done so many things in my past that make me ashamed. I try not to hold people to things they said, did, and thought I the past although I do fail at it. We all fail at it, I mean be honest how many of you actually forgive people who apologize?

            But some hypocrisy makes me feel… stabby.

            Just a bit of fair warning before you start reading and the brain bay starts kicking you in the grey matter. Before I get into the meat if this one you need to know up front this may be the single most schizophrenic essay I’ve ever written. This one is going to hop all over the place.

            This all started a couple hours ago.

            I think we are all aware of the foolish girl who blabbed about the settlement her father made in a lawsuit. The settlement was paying for her prep school and a European vacation this summer, although I believe the family is actually well off and could afford her schooling with or without the settlement. Regardless her bragging on social media resulted in the breaking of the nondisclosure agreement and cost her family $80,000.

            That’s two years of my family’s income.

            So I think it’s safe to assume we all can agrees what she did was stupid right? I also hope we can agree that kids do stupid fucking things and that MAYBE they should be forgiven? I am not saying that they should be given a pass and I DO NOT believe in the adages “Boys will be boys” or “She’s just a girl” they are both stupid sayings.

            Now I sometimes hang out on a archaic areas of the internet “Yes I know how 90’s of me” where a lot of old school trolls congregate. To be fair there are some awesome people there as well but I communicate with them on other platforms so it’s safe for you all to assume that they only reason I go there is to observe the people who love to “Poke the Tiger”. So this topic was posted there and at first everyone agreed that the girl was dumb. They also seemed to agree that if it’d been them the vacation would be kaput and they’d have to get a job.

            Then it changed.


Warning, no names, genders, or locations will be revealed!


One person said this:


“Guess the girl got an education on to what she should and should not say on Facebook...plus a leather hide on her bottom for being so stupid.


The response was this:


“The girl is a child, maybe cut her a little slack as she makes the first painful mistake of her life?”


Which resulted in this response from a third person:


“When it’s a mistake that costs her parent's 80k that is a lesson she NEEDS to learn, no slack cut.


            This third person is the one that stuck in my craw. I know this person, not well mind you but we’ve met in real life. I also know this person’s history to an extent and what pisses me off is this person has a child (now adult) who was a drug addict and convicted felon. To further enflame the issue when this persons child was released they forgave them and took care of them.

            Do I have a problem with that?

            OF COURSE NOT!  

            I am a father of six with one child who’s made problems with the law and made some seriously bad decisions in his teenage years. He’s done time in county lockup, spent years on probation, and fought problems with alcohol. Is he perfect now? No, but he’s doing well. He married an awesome woman who’s like a daughter to me.

            What’s my point?

            Isn’t it obvious, do I really need to spell it out for you?

            It’s so gods damned easy for people to vilify and wish bad things on people, but if it’s somebody they care about then they will do everything in their power to help them. I am okay with that, people should help people who need it if it’s in their power.

            Would it surprise you to know that both of the people who advocate either violence or no “No Slack” are extreme right wing blowhards?  Of course it wouldn’t. I can’t speak for the person who advocates “Tanning” her hide I don’t know anything about them o their personal life.

            The other one… yeah I know them.

            That person is a hate filled, classist, racist, rightwing, neo con, “Libertarian” asshat! I swear to god if I have to read them referring to the president as “Barry” instead of calling him a Nigger like I am positive they want to I might smash my head against the wall!

            Do I know they are racist?

            Of course I don’t. But you know what? I may not have a video or audio recording of them screaming epitaphs but I’m not stupid, most people aren’t stupid, and we can read between the fucking lines. It is very clear what this person is and how they feel on many issues.

            Want to know something that will blow your fucking mind?

            I’m 100% okay with that.

            Wait! Come back here and sit down so I can explain.

            I don’t agree with any of that but that fact is this is the United States of America and people have the right to think and say whatever they want without being punished by the government. But I have the right to call them on it and let it be known I think they are complete assholes.

            I know none of this shit matters.

            I know even if the people involved in this read this they will just think I am a “Fat and bitter asshole” and there is a case to be made on that but I don’t care. Just because stuff stays stuck in my craw and I tend to forget very little doesn’t mean I’m not right. And even if I’m not right and nobody agrees with me it’s my opinion. So if you want to hurl mud or insults at me…

            … go fuck yourself!







Josh Hilden

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