Can’t Well All Just Get Along… Or At Least Shut The Hell Up?


        No zombies in this one. It’s been a pisser of a week so far so I need to vent. If you’re not interested in my personal life I hereby give you permission to stop reading and do something else. Maybe you get a tasty beverage and find a sexy lady or fella to spend some time with.

        I don’t judge.

        If you are interested then by all mean feel free to read on.       


        It’s been a chaotic few days both personally for me and in general for the world. For me as an individual it hasn’t been anything horrible or tragic just a lot of irritants and a few minor depressive, though normal, things.

        Mainly it’s been a problem with transportation.

        Karen’s car, the Cobalt, is almost fixed. Stephen (my middle son) is 90% finished rebuilding and reinstalling the engine. Weather and a serious bout of the stomach flu have been kicking him in the ass. It wouldn’t be a major problem but the car my friend and former boss Kelly gave us, and she is a fucking saint for giving it to us, burned out its fuel pump. Aging this wasn’t a big deal because we’ve had unfettered access to our oldest son Josh’s car due to his lack of desire to get a license and the money we put in to fixing it.

        That was until last night.

        Karen was on her way to pick me up last night when the fuel pump in my son’s car went. We were forced to push the hunk of steel and plastic into the rear parking lot of my work where it’ll remain until tomorrow when we can get cheap tow for it. It’s not supposed to be there so it’s a damn good thing the support staff at my job takes care of one another. If the management knew about it they would be threatening to have it towed… because apparently that’s what Jesus would do.

        So this series of unfortunate events lead to us have to ask Stephen and his wife for rides to and from work today while Stephen replaces the fuel pump in our car. We settled that out last night and everything was solid.

        That was until this morning.

        Apparently while they were driving Karen to work this morning my son and daughter-in-law’s car blew a brake line and they barely made it home. That rendered all of the automobiles readily available crippled and out of commission.

        Seriously, I can’t fucking write this stuff.

        So that sums up the bulk of what’s been bothering me in my personal life. If you add a summer cold that I can’t seem to fucking shake, seriously I’m starting to wonder if I have the Super Flu or something, and an ungodly amount of heat and humidity then you have the trifecta of irritation.

        Now to the Interwebs…

        Oh internet how I love and hate you with such intensity. For me the internet id like football field filled with angry raccoons fighting over the last can of garbage. It doesn’t matter if the can is destroyed they are all determined to get their paws on it because damnit they can. In the end though the surviving raccoons only find a half devoured bowl of potato salad and some moldy bread.

        Sad really.

        What does this have to do with me or with the interwebs?

        I wrote the following thing on my Facebook today


Just a note for all of you, if you can read this you are on my friends list. I either know you and like you, I find you interesting, I want to get to know you, or all of the above. You are all along different points on the political and religious spectrum and I respect it, I don't mind debate and it doesn't bother me if we disagree, some of you I consider really close friends even though we disagree on some serious issues. I ask only two things, the first is to respect my beliefs and opinions and second don't take it too seriously online with me, I'll discuss things but I have no wish to make it personal or be mean. We are intelligent human beings let's agree to disagree if we can't come to some common ground.

That being said if you spout hateful bullshit at me or my friends I will boot and block your ass.


        Right now you are probably thinking I am either too damn sensitive or I have some real assholes for friends. To paraphrase Grandpa Simpson the answer is probably a little from column A and a little from column B. I do tend to get a bit sensitive, I’m good with it, and some of my friends can be real assholes. They know who they are and they know I love them for it, they make life interesting.

        But to be fair I’m a real asshole too.

        Look I just want to clarify something. I have some strong opinions and if you’ve been reading these essay’s for any length of time you know I have zero problem sharing them. But I think I need to state this very clearly so there can be no confusion.



“I will accept your beliefs and views as your own and as valid as mine even if I strongly disagree with you because nobody has all of the answers. But in the words of Wil Wheaton, don’t be a dick. To which I will also add don’t be a piece of shit and hurt people.”


        I’m not wussing out and trying to care some middle ground. There are views which hurt no one that I find reprehensible but I can live and let live as long as people are not being hurt.

        You hate the gays, the blacks, the brown people, and the women? Fine, you’re a jerk and I won’t try and change your mind but if you start trying to hurt people I’ll be on your ass… and not in the fun way either.

        Life is too short for me to do more than express my opinion and move on. I’m not your parent, your spouse, your teacher, or your clergy. If you can’t find your own way out of your ass it’s not my problem.

        This doesn’t apply to civilized discussion.

        If you want to have mature discourse, and my idea of mature involves a lot of curse words and friendly name calling, that’s great. But if you’re gonna be a jackass don’t waste my time. In fact unfriend me online and please go away. If you are reading this it’s probably safe to assume this doesn’t apply to you.





Josh Hilden

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