The Bad Movies I Love #6 “Halloween 6: The Curse of Michael Meyers (1995)”

Released in 1995 Halloween 6: The Curse of Michael Myers is the sixth installment in the Halloween film series. That would lead you to believe that there are six different movies in the series starring the eponymous serial killer Michael B Meyers (The B is for Badass) but you would be wrong. The chronology of the original Halloween series are one, two, four, five, and six—we won’t talk about the H2O alternative timeline or the Rob Zombie reimagining in this essay. Halloween 3: Season of the Witch is a fantastic B-Movie in its own right starring the Demi-God-like visage of Tom Atkins, but that’s a review for another time.

One last thing before we get to the movie itself, there are two versions. While the second version, the Producer’s Cut, is by far my favorite version of the film, we will be talking about the original theatrical version in this essay.

Why are there two versions?

The sixth installment of the series has long been known for its controversial behind-the-scenes history. The movie suffered heavily from re-shoots and numerous cuts made in the editing room. At some point, the workprint of the film, with 43 minutes of alternate footage and the alternate ending, was discovered. This second version of Halloween 6 was dubbed “The Producer’s Cut” and has developed a strong cult following which eventually lead to an official DVD/Blu-Ray release in 2015. I suggest if you love the Halloween series you check it out.

After Michael Meyers and his niece Jamie Lloyd were abducted from the Haddonfield Illinois Police Station by the man in black, we jump six years into the future. We see in a seizure-inducing scene that Jamie is in labor and we watch her give birth to a baby which is immediately taken away by the worst doctors and nurses in the world. These people are worse than the Mengele’s cadre of fanatics. And the conditions? This place they chose for labor and delivery might as well have a sign saying “Ebola Welcome.” The place seems to be staffed entirely by second charmed cultist rejects.

Oh, I’m sorry, they are apparently druids or some such horse shit.

The whiniest nurse/midwife in the universe help Jamie and her baby escape from the Chez Murder Hospital and is promptly killed by Michael who I guess summers there or something. If this lady had wanted to really help Jamie and the baby, why did she wait until she was weakened by birth and towing a squalling infant?

Sigh, half-assed heroes will be the death of us all.

So, it seems Jamie has learned how to steal and drive a truck in her years as a cult prisoner because she does just that after escaping Chez Murder Hospital. Arriving at a bus station Jamie calls a local radio station in order to reach out to Dr. Loomis. Why she didn’t call the police or the national guard, I’ll never know. But the DJ, Barry Simms, who’s doing a special of Haddonfield lifting it’s ban on Halloween cuts her off leaving her alone with her baby.  Michael finds Jamie, and she crashes the truck trying to escape. He kills Jamie but finds that her baby is not in the truck. However, Dr. Sam Loomis now retired and visiting with his friend Dr. Terence Wynn is listening and hears when Jamie begs for his help on the airwaves.

We then jump to Haddonfield and a grown-up Tommy Doyle, the little boy from the first movie, played by the always amazing Paul Rudd a decade before he would be Ant-Man… just saying. He lives in a boarding house, run by the creepy Mrs. Blankenship, across the street from the old Meyers house where through the power of coincidence members of the Strode family, as in Laurie Strode from Halloween’s adopted relatives, live. The family is comprised of John (The abusive father), Debra (The milktoast mother), Tim (The forgettable teenage son), Kara (The adult daughter and single mother, and Danny, (Kara’s 6-year-old son).

Tommy is creepy, still sexy, but creepy. The events in 1978 really fucked up Tommy Doyle but unlike Laurie, he hardened and made Michael his obsession. Determined to understand Michael and his motivations he studied everything he could find that was even tangentially related to the subject of Michale Meyers. He may be the most well-informed font of Meyers lore in the world. But he’s still creepy as fuck. Creepy or not, Tommy manages to find Jamie’s baby who he names Steven, hidden in the Bus Station restroom. I’m not sure how the baby wasn’t discovered by someone else in the hours between Jamie leaving him and Tommy finding him but good on Ant-Man—I guess he was meant to be a hero after all. While at the hospital trying to get Steven checked out Tommy runs into Loomis and gives him the exposition on the Meyers’ house before fleeing when he sees police in the hospital.

At some point, Michael enters his old house and slaughters Debra then John… seems like their parts could’ve been bigger.

Tommy meets Danny when he sees him alone outside and then Danny introduces his new friend Tommy to his mom who’s not impressed. A few words about Danny—he seems special as in he has visions and hears things not there. He should have a tattoo saying “Future Sociopath” on his forehead. In an earlier scene when John hits Kara and bloodies her nose, he only stops his attack when Danny puts a steak knife to his belly. Tommy takes Steven, Kara, and Danny back to Mrs. Blankenship’s boarding house and gives them the exposition dump of the movie.

While Tommy tells the Halloween story, Danny hears a voice telling him to kill. It may have been Till, but I don’t see a scrawny shit like Danny outside tilling the soil to lay in the annual sorghum crop.

While this is happening Barry Simms, our favorite asshole radio DJ comes to town at the request of Tim and his girlfriend Beth to cover the return of Halloween to Haddonfield. Simms is killed by Michael and strung up in a tree. Then Tim and Beth are killed in Tim’s house post coitus. See I don’t always use the word fuck like it’s verbal salt.

At the boarding house Mrs. Blankenship, who informs us she was Michael’s babysitter on the night he killed his sister, is revealed as a cultist. Also, Dr. Wynn is exposed as the Man in Black, and the cult takes Danny, Kara, Steven, and Michael back to Chez Murder Hospital now revealed as the old Smiths Grove Sanitarium.

Loomis confronts Wynn while Tommy finds and rescues Kara, Danny, and Steven. Michael kills Wynn and chases down Tommy, Kara, and the kids cornering them in the Laboratory. Tommy injects Michael with magic juice, probably liquid plumber, and beats the shit out of him with a lead pipe.

This is my hands-down my favorite scene in the movie. It’s up there with the telekinetic girl Tina thrashing Jason Voorhees in Friday the 13th 7: The New Blood.

Tommy, Kara, the kids, and Dr. Loomis meet up and they’re home free. But in a twist worthy of no one, Loomis decides he has something to do in Chez Murder Hospital with the final scene being a shot of Michaels mask on the floor, and Loomis is screaming.


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