Revisiting My Special Unicorn


Bernie Sanders lost the New York Democratic Primary on Tuesday. Even as a diehard Bernie booster I admit it is highly unlikely he has any real chance of securing the nomination. I am NOT saying it’s impossible, but it is highly improbable. I'm not a defeatist just a realist until Bernie either wins or drops out I will not waver in my support, but I can see the ocean beyond the beach as well as most and better than some. If/When he concedes I WILL vote for HRC, but I will do it reluctantly.

Just in case I haven’t made it painfully clear since 2008 I DO NOT trust Secretary Clinton.

I’ve done my due diligence digging into real history and not the right wing propaganda or extreme left conspiracy theories. I don’t like her the same reason I can’t stand most politicians; she’s bought and paid for by the banks and big multinational corporations. There’s nothing unique about her in that regard, and that is the problem. So I will support her, but I will not boost her or in any way defend her.

Do I think she’ll be a wretched President? No, on the contrary, I think she’ll be a perfectly bland status quo, President, talking about helping Americans but in reality pushing for marginal change while making her donors richer. Just like every President we’ve had in my lifetime she’ll say anything she needs to in order to sit in the big chair and then everything will be business as usual. And the frustrating part is I will vote for that as opposed to the actual evil on the other side of the ticket.

That all brings me back to my Special Unicorn in the Great White North.

In my last essay, let’s call it what it was a perplexed rant on the stupidity of so called educated people, I posted the screen shots I had with an individual on Facebook I’ve “Known” for about nine years. This person proved to me that so called liberals can be just as insane as the worst Tea Party Patriot. If you need a rehash of that, please check out Essay 2 in this years cycle to brush up.

This human being and I are members of a message board run by my former employer, but we don't interact. Hell, he may have me blocked so he doesn’t see anything I post which would be ironic since he said he was blocking me on Facebook and then never did. Following Bernie’s loss to HRC on Tuesday, he posted this delightful little screed on one of the forums “Super Ultra Secret Message Boards” and I just had to address it or the laughter would have killed me.


NOTE: This “gentleman” has claimed, in the past, to be a journalist. Also, I have not edited the contents of this piece in any way.




Sanders really is starting to look like Trump these days...

Seriously, the hypocrisy is getting pretty hilarious.


Let's start with super delegates. He used to say, time and time again, in his speeches that the super delegates shouldn't change the results of an election. That they should go to whoever has the most votes/delegates going into the convention and anything else is corrupt. Now that it's pretty clear that he has no actual shot, he's starting to say that even if Hillary goes into the convention with the majority (even the win based on super delegates) and the popular vote, that they're going to try to sway the super delegates to their side...hmm, by his own words wouldn't that be corrupt?


His campaign started questioning Clinton's integrity since Bill (being a former President) has a life time membership as a super delegate, that it's a conflict of interest that he gets a vote at all. Kinda funny though, when you consider that Sander's is also a super delegate and voting for himself. Isn't that the same conflict of interest?


At the start of the campaign, when he was getting trounced, state after state after state, he would remind people in his concession speeches that democratic primaries aren't winner take all and they split based on the vote. Now that he realizes that Hillary only has to get 20% of the vote in all remaining primaries (less when you consider she's likely going to win the next three or so out right), he's saying that it's corrupt. The thing that was the only reason he had more than 5 delegates going into super Tuesday, and raised money on it, and he says it's corrupt.


Says Hillary is breaking finance law by raising money for the state elections. Not only is it not, but it's hilarious because he himself as taken money from these very same fundraisers from the DNC in the past. Yes folks, even while running as an 'independent' he relied on the DNC for funds to actually get elected. Really, it's a charge to play into trumps recent attacks and to hide the fact that Sanders has to nothing for the party he's running to be the representative for. Kinda gives you an idea on why he doesn't have much super delegate support.


Sanders knows this is over, New York was pretty much the last nail in the coffin. So here comes the scorched earth campaign. Because if he can't win then no one on the dem side should by his logic. So yeah, expect to see more baseless and inflammatory accusations from sanders to do anything to tear Hillary down. Not to try and win, thats pretty much impossible. But because he's a sore loser. Just like another candidate running for the other party..


[Note: These were just a FEW of the Sander's hypocrisy, there's plenty more, but these are the bigger/more recent ones]



Did you read it all?

Could you read it all without choking on laughter or developing a migraine?

I don’t give two fucks that he obviously hates Bernie and would say almost anything to make his look like the monster he imagines. I assume he imagines that monster while being safely supported in one of the most liberal and progressive nations in the history of the human race, but we’ll just ignore that. No, what has stuck in my craw is the Trump comparison.

Yeah, I know it shouldn’t, but it has.

So allow me to direct this directly to my special unicorn, you are full of shit. You may be one of the dumbest human beings I’ve ever encountered. Not because you’re some ignorant racist tea bagger but because you are an educated so called liberal who can’t stop vomiting this asinine bullshit. I have zero interest in debating you; I have even less interest in refuting your dumbass claims point by point because that’s what you want. You are nothing more than a petty left wing troll looking for a reaction, and while yes technically this is a reaction it’s on my terms, not yours.

You are a sad little man, and I pity you.


Final Note: I know there are a few of you from the old days who kept tabs on me for out former mutual associate and will know instantly who this is directed at. I don’t care, tell him don’t tell him it makes no difference to me.




- Josh


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