Apparently I'm in a Cult


Last month I encountered my first Unicorn, an asshole Canadian.

I've been sitting on this rant for a month and to be honest I was pretty sure I was going to let it go and move on. That is until a similar even with a diametrically different ending occurred yesterday.

Yesterday I had a political disagreement with a journalist friend of mine, a man I respect to a significant degree. We came to no accord and in the end agreed to disagree and move on.

What was the disagreement about?

Why the same thing the situation a month ago was about, the schism between Bernie Sanders supports and Hillary Clinton supporters. With my journalist friend yesterday it was my assertions that the New York Daily News was aligned solidly with Hillary and what they did to Bernie was wrong. Like I said he disagreed as vehemently as I agreed and in the end we let the matter go a stayed friends.

The individual a month ago, well that's a horse of a different color.

Some backstory and notes. I will not be naming the individual and instead will instead refer to him as Art (not a derivation of his real name in any way). I've known Art since roughly 2007 and have met him once in real life. Art is a Canadian (I have a soft spot for our cousins to the north) and at one point claimed to be a journalist. I make no judgment on whether he is or is not a journalist, but he has used that claim in the past too, umm, talk down to people at times. Art and I have a tangential connection through a former employer of mine; that doesn't factor into this, but I just like to have all the details out there.

Over the years, Art has seemed to develop a habit of dipping his toes into my Facebook posts and appearing to intentionally stir the pot. I don't usually mind that and let it go, only occasionally engaging him. That was the pattern until March 10th 2016. On that night, I wasn't in the mood to "Play" with him, and he lost his collective shit.

Instead of typing out what happened I have included a link to a screen shot of the entire exchange below. I have blurred his name out and the surnames of the other participants.

When you finish reading keep something in mind, he still hasn't blocked me.



- Josh



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