Always hard to write these...

A few things you should know about me. I'm a husband, I'm a father, I'm an Author, and I'm a Progressive Liberal. 

After that, there are a few things you might want to know. 

I'm a smart-ass. I have a sarcastic, some might say cutting, sense of humor. 

I'm a confirmed atheist who has no issues with religious people as long as they don't use their beliefs to hurt or oppress others. 

I'm a Bi-Sexual man who's been happily married to a woman for 22 years and despite what some assholes say that does not negate who I am. 

I have six kids, all but one full grown, and the most remarkable dog in the world.

I am extraordinarily political and if you can't act like an adult in political and/or religious discussions then feel free to get the fuck out.

- Josh